Ticket Purchasing FAQ

Q - Once in the ground, do I have to go straight to my terrace/seat?
A - Once you are in the ground you can go to one of our refreshment kiosks just as you always have been able to do.

Q - When the match starts, can I leave where I am stood or sat?
A - Once the match is underway you can leave your spot at any time and return when you are ready, but you do have to stay within the stadium. Unfortunately you will not be able to move into another stand to watch the game.

Q - If I have bought a standing ticket and decide once I am in the ground that I want to sit down can I upgrade my ticket?
A - You can upgrade a standing ticket to a seated ticket the day before the match but not once you are in the ground.

Q - Can I change my ticket to a different terrace?
A - You can change your ticket to stand in a different terrace up until the day before the match. This can be done by visiting or calling the club ticket office.

Q – How do I change the seat I want to sit in?
A - You can change the seat you sit in, but you must do so at least one day before the match, by calling or visiting the club office.

Q- If I decide to change my match ticket is there a charge?
A - There is a small admin fee of £2 to change your match day ticket and if you change your ticket from a standing to a seated ticket there is the extra cost of the seated ticket.

Q - Once I have bought a ticket, but then find I cannot get to the match can I get a refund?
A - Refunds are issued on unwanted tickets provided they are returned to the club at least 24 hours in advance of the advertised kick-off time of such game, during opening hours.

If you have any other questions please email
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