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The Easiest Way to Keep Off Weight

Participate in Regular Strength Training

The benefits of strength training are endless but helping to maintain weight loss is likely one of the top perks. Lifting weights or doing resistance training three times a week will help to maintain your muscle mass and therefore keep the weight off. Aim to include movements that challenge your entire body and consider doing full-body workouts for two of your training sessions.

Go for Natural Sweetness

While that sweet tooth is not necessarily off-limits, moderating its intake is imperative. Sweet treats essentially offer nothing more than added sugar and calories and can quickly unravel weight loss efforts. Go for more naturally sweetened products that offer fibre and nutrients such as fresh fruit or a dark piece of chocolate.

Rest and De-Stress

 While it may seem “All GO!” is the name of the weight loss game, the importance of resting and de-stressing should not be overlooked. Moreover, going without sleep research suggests that stress increases the risk of depression, anxiety, obesity, and numerous chronic diseases. Get a handle on weight loss targets by sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night and implement stress-relieving techniques such as exercising, walking, and listening to music.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to keeping weight off. Instead of on-and-off dieting that ends with going back to old habits, it is best to stick with your new lifestyle for good. While adopting a new “way of life” may seem overwhelming at first, making healthy choices will become second nature when you get used to them. Your healthier lifestyle will be effortless, so you’ll be able to maintain your weight much more easily.

Darren Simpson
Fitness Coach
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