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An Update from the Managing Director


Garry Plant provides an update on the return of supporters to the EnviroVent Stadium and our Player Development Centre...

This week we were asked by a long serving, loyal supporter why they were allowed to watch local semi professional matches but could not watch Town playing at home.

The rules on Non Elite Sport (semi professional clubs) are different than the rules on Elite Sport.

The Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) set the rules and we must abide by those rules.

The distinctions of what we can and can’t do versus what none professional clubs can do is very confusing but that is where we are and how we are governed.
We will continue to monitor matters on a day by day basis as we strive to get supporters back in to The Envirovent Stadium.

Also this week, in light of the latest lockdown rules, we have had no alternative but to suspend our Player Development Centre.
We have always acted swiftly to safeguard the well bering and safety of players, staff and everyone involved at the club.
It is not a of matter jumping first, or being over reactive it is about best practise and doing what is right quickly.
Garry Plant
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