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First Team Injury Update

Our injured trio of Jack Emmett, Jordan Thewlis and Ryan Fallowfield are now out of the physio room and back on the pitch doing outdoor functional rehab. 

Jack Emmett - hamstring

Jack has been working on an intense gym programme to strengthen the hamstring and surrounding muscles. The muscle is healing well and he is now back out on the pitch straight line running. We hope to progress this within the next week to more functional rehab. Jack should be back within the next two weeks. 

Jordan Thewlis - knee 

Jordan is nearing the end of his rehabilitation and is working on the final elements of crossing, striking, block tackling and twisting before returning to training within the next two weeks. He has just completed one week’s residential programme at St George’s Park through PFA funding whereby he received intensive rehab at world class facilities including an oxygen and cryotherapy chamber. Jordan is currently receiving prolotherapy injections to strengthen the ligament, thus giving him the best chance of avoiding future reoccurrence. 

Ryan Fallowfield - hamstring

Ryan pulled up with a hamstring strain during the first game on the season but during further investigation of an MRI scan, it revealed injury to the hamstring tendon which unfortunately takes a lot longer to heal due to its poor blood supply. Ryan has also just completed a week’s residential programme at St George’s Park. We are monitoring the rate of healing carefully and our main priority is to avoid future reoccurrence. Ryan has recently recommenced straight line running and straight-line agility work. He has a further four weeks of rehab to build up the intensity of his fitness to see him back on the pitch at full strength. 

We look forward to seeing all three players back in a Town shirt in the near future.
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