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Sign up and take on our Town to 5K challenge!


Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like to run a 5k but are put off trying to do this on your own? Then why not join our Town Runners beginners group and take on our Town to 5k challenge!

You'll be joining a friendly and sociable group alongside a fully supportive and qualified run leader and assistant aimed at guiding you through to your 5k target.
If you are already a runner, then why not join our social group that has developed into a group of friends who enjoy running together.

One of our regular runners, Maggie Pattison says she's found a feeling of "achievement" after every run.

"I never considered myself as a runner, in fact I would laugh if people suggested it and I vividly remember the first week thinking I'll never achieve 5k but, with the support of the group; runners as well as leaders; I comfortably ran my first 5k.

"I then joined the social group and have made some great friends through this. I'm not going to say I love running, but I feel a sense of achievement at the end of each run," Maggie added.

We are an all-inclusive group of mixed abilities where nobody gets left behind or feels pressured into having to run too fast. We have two sessions; Thursday night at 5.30pm and alternate Saturdays where we take on a 5k or sometimes a little further. Finishing off with a coffee and a bacon butty.
So if you fancy a local park run or just running in different areas of our town with a friendly, sociable group of friends, Town Runners could be for you.
Our new beginners group starts on Tuesday 14th September, 5.30pm from Stray Rein.
Our social group meets every Thursday at 5.30pm from The Library and alternate Saturday mornings at 9am.
To sign up or for more details please contact:
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