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we've been hard at it and putting the feelers out there - Simon Weaver off season chat


Watch our off season interview with the Gaffer as we discuss the retained list, transfer targets and investment…

The Gaffer on whether things have calmed down since the season ended…

It's still been busy, really. The pitch has been relayed in the closed season and that's going to change to green hopefully soon. Off the pitch we've been busy with the news coming out today about investment and the infrastructure of the club. Football wise, we've been hard at it and putting the feelers out there, making a lot of inquiries to players who may be out of contract that can improve us as a squad.

On the decisions made to release several players at the end of the season…

It was very tough. You get connected with the players because they've come here and understood what the club's about and what we've tried to achieve. There's been a buy in you'd like to think as well as these lads have given every last drop of energy for the cause. We've had some tough moments, tough decisions to make and difficult conversations, but we've been honest and truthful throughout.

On the rebuild task this summer…

It's a small squad at the moment but fortunately, we don't need a full squad quite yet. We've got to be patient, you can't just snatch at the first available opportunity to bring a player in, we've just got to weigh everything up and until the last ball is kicked in the playoffs, we don't know the full extent of how many players are out there and which players they may be. We don't want to live in regret and make the wrong decision.

We still want to stay with the same vein of energy and honesty and not lose that humble dynamic in the squad but it was very evident last year that we need to improve the statistics defensively. We want to improve the control of possession within games and mature as a squad.

On the recently announced £3.5m investment to improve the stadium and fan experience…

It's a thrill and it's never just staying still which is important. You always feel that we're able to strive and get bigger and better as a club and become more attractive on the recruitment side. It's never stood still as a football club. It's a tight knit ground and a tight knit community that we've got.

We've reached out with a fan’s forum last week and it's just exciting to hear what's going off community wise and that we're having a wider reach now within our own area. That's why the crowd's growing and we want to keep pushing on as a football team. We can do that when we look around and create space within the ground and build upwards so the attendances can hopefully sore.

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