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Nothing to do without football? The Gaffer is here to help

With football suspended temporarily due to the current global situation, we're all searching for things to do, but we've got you covered!

Simon Weaver reveals his favourite Films and TV shows in an attempt to fill the football sized void in our lives.
The Gaffer's favourite films:
The Deer Hunter (1978) – "Amazing film about a group of steelworkers who are good friends and end up suddenly having to fight in the horrific Vietnam War."
Saving Private Ryan (1998) - "Tom Hanks was brilliant! Still to this day one of the best war films ever made."
Pulp Fiction (1994) & Trainspotting (1996) – "Ground-breaking films in the 90s!"
Dumb & Dumber (1994) – ‘’Watched it over and over! I can never not find it funny!"
If you are looking for something to take up a bit more of your time, here's some of the Gaffer's favourite viewings on the small screen...
Sports Documentaries – "Any sport related documentary film or series I’ll happily watch, there’s plenty of choice on all the different streaming services."   

"Honourable mentions to 'Liar' & ‘The Fall’, are the two series that I’m currently watching."
If films and series just still aren’t filling that football sized hole in your life you can listen to the first six episodes of the ‘Talking Town’ Podcast on our YouTube channel.
The podcast includes in depth conversations between presenter Isaac Martin and guests which have included Simon Weaver, Lindsey Whitton and most recently Jack Emmett. Listen to the club’s official podcast below...