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Portsmouth Power Issues


A few points to address questions we have been asked about the power issues at the match v Pompey.

The floodlights were tested over the weekend in preparation for the big match and we had an electrician on standby at the match from 6pm.
As you are aware we experienced an issue with the power prior to kick off which we had to deal with as quickly as we possibly could which involved getting Northern Power on site to investigate the main supply box which we are not authorised or permitted to access. They dealt with the situation and we got the game on.
Supporters not already in the ground had to be kept outside the stadium for safety reasons and under advice from the ground safety officer and the Police.
As soon as the power issue was sorted everyone was moved in to the ground and we got over 3000 people in the stadium in 20 minutes.
We would like to apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience and understanding on a cold, wet evening.
Thank you for your valued support.

Garry Plant
Managing Director
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