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Sporting Memories - The Friday Catch Up


Our Sporting Memories group, held at The CNG Stadium, met again last week; third Friday in the month and time for a brew and a natter.

Much football talk and then a stab at the best ever Great Britain Squad which walked the earth, kicked a ball and sank a beer.
After a while we all came up with the following team.
1            Gordon Banks                                               Stoke City
2            Alf Ramsey  (Captain)                                  Tottenham Hotspurs
3            Alf Sherwood                                                Cardiff City
4            Nobby Stiles                                                  Manchester United
5            John Charles                                                 Leeds United
6            Duncan Edwards                                          Manchester United
7            Stanley Matthews                                         Stoke City and Blackpool
8            Alan Clarke                                                   Leeds United
9            Nat Lofthouse                                               Bolton Wanderers
10          Steve Gerrard                                               Liverpool
11          Eddie Gray                                                    Leeds United
George Best                                                                Manchester United
Ron Staniforth                                                             Huddersfield Town
Paul Gascoigne                                                          Tottenham Hotspurs
We wondered how much that lot would be worth today, then took on a bit of a quiz on football team nick names.
The Black Cats, The Toffees, The Hatters, The Canaries, The Peacocks, The Hammers and the best of the day The Baggies who are WBA so nicknamed after the chap that used to collect the gate money in a cloth bag and then was escorted round the pitch  to the manager’s office to count it and the crowd used to sing her comes the Baggy Man.
Sporting Memories, come down, catch up with friends and talk about football and other sports stuff.
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