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Stay at Home Inspiration with Em Topham

The Gaffer and Lindsey Whitton have shared their favourite movies and TV shows with us already, it's the turn of Lindsey's HTAFC Ladies teammate Em Topham.

Favourite Films -

Die Hard - All of them are great, but I think I would have to say Die Hard 2 is my favourite, it's full of so much action, I could watch it on repeat! 
UP - A disney film that’s just super cute. 
Top Gun - A great action film, and hilarious as well. My family love this film, so I’ve watched it a lot. 
Black Panther - Absolutely love this film, again all the action but with some great characters too. 
Jumanji - I’ve recently watched the two new films and they are great. Absolutely love the Rock and Kevin Hart in films together, so funny! 
Favourite TV Series -
Brooklyn 99 - It’s on Netflix and there are seven series of it. It’s hilarious, such a chilled programme to watch when you don’t want to think about much, just switch off and have a laugh!
Friends - This has always been one of my favourite TV shows. I have watched every episode at least five times each, and know most of the words off by heart. Again, another funny show. 
Killing Eve - Yes it’s about a serial killer, and it concerns me that I love the villain, but just a great show to watch! 
You - A little bit weird but once you get into it, it’s great.