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Stay at Home Inspiration with Lindsey Whitton

The Gaffer shared his favourite movies and TV shows with us last week, now Ladies first team defender turned striker Lindsey Whitton reveals her favourites in an attempt to fill the football sized void in our lives.

Lindsey's favourite films films: 

Madagascar - the characters just crack me up!

Lion - it’s just absolute madness that it’s based on a true story! I’d recommend not watching the trailer, just go ahead and watch the film. 

Gone Girl - this is just crazy psycho drama that keeps you on edge throughout. 

Wonder Woman - because why not!? Shes an Amazonian Warrior Princess. Gives me all the female empowerment feels!

Dallas Buyers Club - the plot sounds quite morbid but it’s just an amazing story and quite funny given the topic! 

Drive - Such a cool film and the music is great.

The Incredibles - I think it would be super fun if my family was actually like that and would love to have a super power... like Mr Incredible’s strength or Dash’s speed.

Superbad - It’s super funny.
TV shows:
The Good Place - You’ll question your moral compass for sure after watching this one. It’s slightly bonkers but so funny!
Parks and Recreation - So funny and I love Amy Poehler.
This Country - The West Country accents make me feel at home and it’ll give you quotes for days. 

Give some of them a watch and let us know what you think!