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Will Smith Injury Update


Will Smith has sustained concussion and whiplash after he fell awkwardly during last night's game against Tranmere Rovers at The EnviroVent Stadium. 

 Our Head Physio Rachel provides us with an update on his injury:..
“Will fell awkwardly on the pitch and reported instant pain in the top of his spine which is why as a medical team we had to take precautions and use the spinal board and head blocks.

"This can always look drastic and feel overwhelming but it is purely to protect from movement until a full assessment can be made. Luckily, once in the hospital the consultant deemed no concern for a spinal injury or fracture.
"Will has quite bad concussion and a whiplash type injury which will mean he will be quite sore with muscle stiffness for a week or two. He also has pain in his hamstring so we will watch the clips back closely and assess that further over the coming days. 
"I would like to thank Tranmere's medical team for helping with a safe and fast removal from the field of play. 
"I will update you on Will’s recovery in due course."
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