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We Chat to Warren Burrell in our Salford City Programme

17 December 2020

In this week's matchday programme, we sit down with Warren Burrell to cover a variety of topics, including the ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter' movement.

Sadly, in recent weeks as fans have returned, boos have been heard in some stadiums when the knee has been taken.
On that, Burrell believes ignorance plays a key part.
“It just shows ignorance. You see people go on about ‘all lives matter' but that's not what Black Lives Matter stands for.
“We're not saying our lives matter more than anyone else, just that ours matter too. That's the point of it all. Lots of people understand the meaning and what's going on but some are so ignorant they can't see the bigger picture.
“When fans boo and they have black players on their team, do they not understand how that makes those players feel?”
Our Vice Captain also highlights that he finds a lot of people are racist and insensitive without even knowing, and that is one of the biggest issues for him.
“People do it without knowing they're racist and then they adamantly deny it. Some people aren't intending to be racist, I get that, but the ignorance throughout it all is what will make it so hard to get rid of.
“Take the fourth official in PSG's Champions League game recently. We hear things like that ‘oh the black man over there' every day, it's an everyday thing but when you put it into the context of the job, and the fact every player has a shirt number and every staff member has a job title, it doesn't need to be said and if it was the other way round, it wouldn't have been said.”
“I could talk about my experiences with racism and can give you all my circumstances where I feel I've been discriminated against but it's not going to add up anywhere near to what a lot of people have been through.
“We've seen protests and movements before and it's not combatted the issue as well as we'd like. This time, I think it has taken a lot of significance, which is what we want to see.
"Will this fizzle out? I don't know, but we're trying to push in the right direction to make sure it doesn't.”
The full interview with Warren Burrell is available to read in our Salford City programme, available to purchase now.

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