Harrogate Town
Dog T-Shirt

Dog T-Shirt

Harrogate Town
Dog T-Shirt

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Now your dog can support Harrogate Town too with our new Harrogate Town Dog T-Shirts!

Available in the following sizes...

XS - Neck 20cm/8in, Girth/Chest up to 36cm/15in, Length 32cm/12.5in
​S - Neck 32cm/12.6in, Girth/Chest up to 48cm/18in, Length 23cm/13in
M - Neck 38cm/15in, Girth/Chest up to 66cm/26in, Length 43cm/16.9in
​L - Neck 50cm/39in, Girth/Chest up to 80cm/32in, Length 48cm/18.9in
​XL - Neck 60cm/39in, Girth/Chest up to 90cm/35in, Length 53cm/21in
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