Lifeline Through Football

The project was designed to help individuals gain work based qualifications through football and drew in a number of partners to form a working group.

Harrogate Homeless Project, provide temporary hostel accommodation for homeless people. Lifeline Harrogate looks to move people from temporary accommodation in to more settled and permanent residencies. Harrogate Borough Council, through the Fairfax Community Centre provide opportunities for local groups to meet to take part in a number of activities including getting fit and obtaining qualifications.

The Departments of Works & Pensions through the office of The Harrogate Jobcentre funded the programme of work and helped in the recruitment process.We were able to attract the support and interest of local employers CNG, Envirovent, Halo Training and Evolved Security as well as Annapurna based in London.
Every Thursday over an 8 week period we met at The CNG Stadium and kicked off with 90 minutes of work on a Stewarding qualification. At 1130am we then got out and delivered a light coaching session to the group finishing off with a 5 a side match.

In the afternoon after lunch at Fairfax Community Centre we delivered a top up session on the stewarding course and finished off with a football tournament tin the sport hall.
The pilot scheme in May 2014 and the first funded course in May 2015 has seen 9 of the candidates move in to employment and 4 of the group have gone on to improve their personal housing circumstance.
“Wrapping football around the delivery of a work based qualification proved a success, taking education out of the classroom and basing the experience at the stadium provided a fresh feel to learning.” Garry Plant, Foundation trustee.

We are very pleased to report that the programme of work has been recognised nationally and was awarded the Conference Trust Most Innovative Community Project in 2015.
The Foundation has delivered a number of other community projects.
  • Healthy Hearts, target groups were men and women over 50 as well as young mothers. A basic insight to what a practical healthy lifestyle looks like, exercise and diet.
  • Mr Fit, weekly exercise sessions aimed at men over 55.
  • Cardiac Rehab, working in conjunction with Harrogate NHS Hospital and Harrogate Borough Council’s Fit4Fun Team the weekly sessions reduced the waiting time for cardiac rehabilitation from 8 weeks to immediate entry.
  • Respect thru Football, working with primary school children highlighting through football the Respect Campaign, team work, tolerance, diversity, accepting differences, respect for each other, family, friends, teachers, opponents, officials and supporters.
Harrogate Town AFC
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