CNG Stadium Planning Application

Update on planning application for the development of additional terraces and facilities.

Further to the public consultation event at Harrogate Town AFC on 11th September, we can now provide an update on the proposals. 

Following the public consultation period we collated the results and amended the scheme to include further cycle parking and reduced the height of the proposed office building.  

We also prepared further information on car parking and noise impact, as requested. We are pleased to inform you that we have now submitted the planning application to Harrogate Borough Council and the application was validated on 29th November 2017 (LPA reference: 17/04738/FULMAJ).

We would really appreciate it if you could please submit comments in support of the scheme to the Council.  To do so, please click the following link and search the above reference number.

Click Here

Please note, comments should be submitted by 20 December 2017.  

The proposals comprise:
  • Regularisation of the 3G pitch;

  • A new two storey club house including changing rooms and corporate facilities in the north west corner of the grounds;

  • A new seated terrace at the eastern part of the grounds (ie the area currently occupied by the 1919 Bar) which will provide an opportunity to better attenuate and enclose noise from the pitch;

  • A new seated terrace to the north east which would replace the existing stand and provide classrooms to be used as community facilities;

  • An extension to the south stand (Wetherby Rd terrace) providing an extra 250 seats approximately;

  • Replacement of the existing tickets sales and office to the south west corner with a new office building; and

  • Provision of a new floodlighting scheme which will enable greater control of the lighting and replacement and re-positioning of existing lighting columns. The new lighting solution will be able to be dimmed for five a side matches rather than having to be at the same level for a first team match. Also, some of the existing lighting columns are not in an optimum location to prevent light spillage and the positioning of new columns will address this.

We aim to create a high quality football ground which the local community can be proud of and which supports our ambitions.

PDF's of the plans can be viewed and downloaded below:
Existing Site Plan           Existing Aerial View     
Proposed Site Plan        Proposed Aerial View  
Site Sections                   Phasing Diagrams       
Phase One                        Phase Two                      
Phase Three                     Phase Four