Youth Development (PDC)


Harrogate Town's Player Development Centre (PDC) is part of our Youth Development Programme, and has been created to aid the development of local footballers between the ages of 7 - 16

The Player Development Centre allow boys and girls aged 7-16 the opportunity to access additional high-quality coaching and support, relevant to their development stage. The programme is not intended to infringe on players representing their local grassroots clubs but does provide the opportunity for talented players to access extra contact time with professional coaches.

Ex-Premier League footballer and current Head Youth Development coach Paul Thirlwell is one player who benefitted from a similar programme growing up. Thirlwell commented:

“Speaking from experience, I know how important the old ‘school of excellence’ programme was for my own development. When I was playing at Cleveland Hall Juniors I was also receiving additional coaching at the Sheffield Wednesday centre in Gateshead. That experience has always stayed with me, as I remember really enjoying the extra coaching”.

Thirlwell, who went on to make over 420 professional appearances before joining Harrogate Town, believes maintaining relationships with junior football clubs is crucial to a players’ development.

“Whilst receiving high-quality contact time is essential, it’s also important that young players can still play with football their mates on a weekend. The structure we have in place aims here to support  grassroots football in the identification, development and progression of players who have the potential and aspiration to become professional footballers.”

“That’s all what we want to do here at Harrogate Town. We do want to provide additional coaching for talented kids, but also keep them playing games at their grassroots clubs. We don’t want Harrogate Town to be in competition with local junior football clubs, we want to work together to progress players to the next level”.

The programme is designed to support the development and progression of players in Harrogate and District, to produce players who can compete at the highest level. The coaching sessions are delivered by a team of highly qualified coaches and will have a technical and tactical focus that mirrors the professional game. We are also proud to be able to deliver the sessions on our brand new, state-of-the-art 3G playing surface at The CNG Stadium.


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